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Keeping the diverse requirements of customers in mind, C-MAX BIO SCIENCES are instrumental in manufacturing aqua supplements,,aqua feed supplements.

In 2006, global aquaculture production reached 66.7 million tonnes, growing at an annual rate of 9 per cent, while increasing its proportional contribution to total fisheries output. Excluding aquatic plants, aquaculture output in 1970 accounted for 3.9 per cent of total fisheries production, by 2001 that proportion had increased to 29 per cent and by 2006 to 36 per cent (FAO, 2008a). Thus, aquaculture continues to make a significant contribution to total fisheries production over the last few decades. This increasing contribution, however, is largely an Asian phenomenon because Asia accounted for 61.43 million tonnes or 92 per cent of total world aquaculture production in 2006, while Europe contributed 2.17 million tonnes or 2.2 per cent (Figure 1). In terms of value, the Asian region’s share was US$68.61 million or 80 per cent of total value of world aquaculture production. The Asian contribution is significantly influenced and skewed by China. When China is excluded, the Asian contribution to total world aquaculture production drops dramatically to 24.2 per cent in terms of quantity and 29 per cent in terms of value -  species of aquatic animals and plants are currently cultured worldwide, in a vast range of production systems, ranging from low-input extensive systems to high-input intensive aquafarms in ponds, caged enclosures and tanks. In broad terms, aquaculture production systems used for producing these aquatic animals and plants can be divided into feed-dependent systems or fed aquaculture (e.g. finfish and crustaceans) or non-fed aquaculture systems where culture is predominately dependent on the natural environment for food, e.g. aquatic plants and molluscs.

Fish Tank Oxygen Tablets

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Product Brochure
Packaging SizeAs per the order
FormAs per the order
DosageAs per the order
PurityAs per the order
Batch NumberAs per the order
Bulk DensityAs per the order
FrequencyAs per the order

Item Code: OXYMAX-T
OXYMAX-T oxygen release long lasting tablets
C-MAX BIO SCIENCES has achieved widespread recognition in providing Oxygen Tablet.




  • Sodium perborate 67%, Sodium per carbonate 37%, Binders & effective agents 3%




  • Rapid enhancement of dissolved oxygen, Detoxifies noxious gases and substances such as nitrite, hydrogen sulfide etc, and Increases survival rate and promotes health, Optimum FCR, Reduces the frequency of water exchange




  • Low oxygen 500 gm – 1000 gm/acre, Molting stage – 250- 500 gm/acre or as directed by an aqua consultant / technician




  • Mix the required quantity with sand / zeolite and spread all over the pond.




  • 1 KG & 5KG




  • Excellent results
  • Quick effects
  • Easy to use

Fish Feed Aquaculture Zeolites Supplement

₹ 13/Kg Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Best ForFish Culture
Packaging TypePacket
Packaging Size25 Kg
GradeAqua grade
MaterialMulti minerals

Minimum order quantity: 1000 Kg

manufacturer and whole saler
We are well equipped with sound knowledge in aquaculture. ZEOMAX are the natural zeolite powder from C-MAX BIO SCIENCES which effectively works for aquaculture pond to treat the water.This is formulated by thel aquaculture proffesionals .Previouly there is no import alternative to the indian aquaculture industry. But after so many struggles now INDIA is exporting the aqua feed supplements and additives.

The use of zeolites
Zeolite is a naturally occuring deposit (i.e. rock!) that has a fairly unique structure which is highly porous whilst also allowing for rapid uptake and loosing of charged particles. Therein lies the relevance of zeolite to aquaculture; when placed in water zeolite filters ammonia out of the water and holds it inside its' porous structure. As ammonia is highly toxic to fish this is a very useful way of reducing ammonia concentration in water. The ability of zeolite to absorb ammonia is not unlimited and once it reaches saturation it can be placed into a salt water solution to be recharged. Here it conviniently exchanges the ammonia for sodium, making it again capable of absorbing further ammonia when moved out of the salt solution to a freshwater solution. This charging and removing of ammonia from the zeolite can be repeated many times prior to the zeolite become clogged and useless. Zeolite is often used when transporting fish for a period of several hours to avoid the ammonia accumulation in the bags or transport tank from reaching toxic levels. This is probably the most common function of the substance. It can also be used when setting up a new recirculating system or tank to maintain low ammonia levels while the biofilter is maturing. Occassionally zeolite is used in reef aquarium to polish the water of unwanted particles other than ammonia. It is illogical to use zeolite in a biofilter as the filter media because the ammonia sponge capacity will reach saturation, whereafter no more ammonia will be taken up. At this point the zeolite will be colonised by filter bacteria and function just as any other porous biofilter media. The danger exists though that at a point in time you may decide to treat the tank with salt to kill off a parasite that has entered the tank or pond, and the ammonia will then be released from the zeolite into the water stressing the fish. Be aware when purchasing zeolite that not all zeolites are equal. The geomorphological conditions present at the time when it formed determine the chemical structure of the zeolite, and this in turn decides whether they have an affinity for ammonia or other salts such as calcium or magnesium. At the end of the day zeolite is a useful tool, but not a silver bullet to dispense with the need for a sound water quality management strategy

C-MMAX BIO SCIENCES presenting the aquaculture supplements to aquaculture society to serve and save the industry

Zoothamnia Control Powder

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Product Brochure
Packaging Size250 g
Packaging TypeHDPE Bag
Grade StandardFeed Grade
Shelf Life6 months
Type Of SupplementNutritional Supplement
Country of OriginMade in India

ALGIRAN is for best products to control zoothmnia control,algae control, protozoan control.controls unwanted algae growth, powerful fungicide and germicide, it is water softner, avoids foul odour in the ponds, control PH, controls infections like parasitic, black spot.

  • controls unwanted algae growth
  • powerful natural fubgicide and germicide
  • controls infection like external parasites

PH Reducer and Controller

₹ 725/Pack Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Input SensorAs per the order
Model Name/NumberAs per the order
AccuracyAs per the order
Input ResistanceAs per the order
ColorAs per the order
MaterialAs per the order
Size/DimensionAs per the order

TURBORED Is the novel and most advanced granules to reduce the water PH .We developed and proved in india for the excellent is a exclusively research for aqua industry to eliminate the problems of PH in aquaculture ponds.

Protozoan Infection Controller

₹ 1/piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
BrandAs per the order
MaterialAs per the order
Air FlowAs per the order
Model Name/NumberAs per the order
SizeAs per the order
HeightAs per the order

ALGIRAN is the best product formulated by indian scientists to control zoothamnia control,algi control,protozoan infection control.

  • controls unwanted algae growth
  • powerful natural fubgicide and germicide
  • controls infection like external parasites


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